JunZeJun Providing Legal Services for the Reform of the China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd

Issue date:06 Dec 2016
(The above picture is the inauguration ceremony of the China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd.)
China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation has reformed their company structures and became the China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd., with their inauguration ceremony held in Beijing on 25 November, 2016. JunZeJun had provided legal services to the company throughout its whole reform process. It is another one of the largest asset management company that has finished all the reform work, after China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd., China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. and the China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. Reformations of the 4 asset management corporations to limited liability companies has a far-reaching significance to the revolution and transformation of commercial businesses and national corporations.
(The above is JunZeJun lawyer, Mr. Yunbo  Li reading out a witnessing statement at the inauguration ceremony)
JunZeJun has been providing reform proposals, legal due diligence (including but not limited to the qualification, assets, debts and litigations thereafter of the 50 offices, branch offices and platform company), drafting reform documents, and legal advices services to the Great Wall Co. since 2012, when they officially initiated the reform. 
Before this, JunZeJun had also been the specialized legal consultant of the China Huarong Asset Management Corporation, providing a wide range of legal services, altering company structures to assist its transformation to China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. throughout the whole reform process; and participated in the reform of company structures project of the China Orient Asset Management Corporation to China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd., providing legal services in drafting provisions on their estimated liabilities during reform. While the company structure reform project of the Great Wall Co. this time was held responsible by the JunZeJun lawyer team led by senior partners, Mr. Xiuming Tao and Mr. Yunbo Li; consisting of Ms. Yan Zhu, Ms. Hong Zhang, Ms. Xueyan Hu, Mr. You Lv, and Mr. Shaoxing Wang.


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