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Best Apps Like Notion. Koda is just like your normal documentation tool but with a high degree of customization installed. While workspace is not a direct competitor to notion, it does offer apps like google docs, sheets, google keep, calendar, and more to rival notion’s capabilities.

Best Apps Like Notion TangeRine from

If notion and slack had a baby, it would feel like slite. Microsoft onenote is a freeform storage app where you can save your data in the form of clips, drawings, images, and texts. No ocr capability for images.

Also, As An Aside, I Looked At The Website For Anytype And It Looks Like A Notion Clone.

Apps like notion have risen to become more than just simple notetaking solutions of recent. It is more like an organized storage place for your data, information, research, and other notes. Koda is just like your normal documentation tool but with a high degree of customization installed.

Notion App For Every Platform Are Not Good Enough.

Easy to take notes and collaboration features make it a complete alternative to notion. Evernote has apps for windows 7 and 8, windows 10, mac, android, ios (both iphone and ipad), blackberry, and windows phone. I like notion from my heart.

If Notion And Slack Had A Baby, It Would Feel Like Slite.

The app brings a confluence of both these tools. As of march 2022, has indexed 27 note taking apps across 276 features in 17 feature domains. It has a web app, desktop software, and mobile versions available.

And, Like Notion, You Can Use Koda For Documentation, Increase Productivity, And Most Importantly, Team Collaboration.

No ocr capability for images. With notion, all your work is in one place. It also offers useful automation tools and easy integration with popular apps like slack, google calendar, and github.

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Markdown Editor Helps To Write Detailed Notes.

Many small business teams use notion as a productivity app. You can set these channels as public or private and keep however many docs inside each channel as you want. One of the best notion alternatives in the market today is confluence.


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